PC104-DS - PC104 Synchro-Resolver, LVDT Output Cards

PC104-DS - PC104 Synchro-Resolver, LVDT Output Cards
Main features
  • Dual Channel Digital Synchro/ Resolver Outputs
  • Accuracy Grades to +30 arc Seconds
  • Transformer Isolated Reference Input
  • Virtually Indestrucdible Short Circuit Proof Outputs
  • Low Output Impedance, Drive 50 ma. + Channel
  • Wide Band Frequency DC-10,000HZ.
  • Loss of Reference Detect with Report
  • BIT and EN Support for Synchro Amps
  • Supports Multispeed & Multiturn Pairs
  • COTS Operating Temp. -40 degrees C. to +85 degrees C.
  • Low Cost, Robust, Highly Reliable Design
  • Shorted Stator Models Typical of Aircrafts
  • Transformer Isolated Signal Output Options
  • True 16 Bit Stack-Through Databus
  • Stack Anywhere, No Height Violations!
  • 16 Bit Resolution

The PC104-DS Series are Low Cost, Dual Channel, PC104 Compliant Digital / Synchro / Resolver Output Cards designed to simulate precision AC Synchro and resolver formatted signals for use in navigation and positioning systems or test sets on both industrial and COTS – military type applications.

All models provide 16 Bits resolution (0.0055degrees), and model selectable accuracy grades from +/-4 arc. minutes to +/-30 arc seconds.

These units feature virtually indestructible, thermally and transient protected, completely short-circuit proof, low output impedance amplifiers capable of providing up to a full 50ma.+ output drive per channel. Metallic heat sinks are provided to assure high reliability as installed and loaded over the full operating temperature range.