COMMANDNET - Multi-channel Synchro Inputs and Outputs box /Resolver with dual Ethernet port/

COMMANDNET - Multi-channel Synchro Inputs and Outputs box /Resolver with dual Ethernet port/
Main features
  • Up to 8 input channels or 4 output channels
  • Input converters Synchro, Resolver, LVDT / RVDT, etc.
  • Synchro output converters, resolver, LVDT / RVDT, etc.
  • Transformer isolation
  • Low latency data conversions
  • External or integrated AC reference power supplies, 60Hz – 5KHz
  • 19-inch waterproof EIA rack enclosure
  • Bulkhead mounting option
  • 120/240 AC universal power supply
  • Two independent Ethernet ports

The COMMANDNET product line is capable of converting signals from 8 analog input channels into digital format (10bit – 16bit) and transmitting the resulting data over Ethernet. Additionally, these units are capable of receiving digital data via Ethernet and converting it to analog signals on 4 output channels. All analog I/O is fully transformer isolated. Two independent Ethernet ports are available for these functions. Modbus TCP is the standard communication protocol used, but other industrial protocols are available on request.

COMMANDNET units are housed in sealed enclosures, making them ideal for both military and industrial applications.

The system board can be equipped with standard CCC modules, Synchro / Resolver / RVDT / LVDT / 4-20ma or other input/output type converters or reference generators. Input and output converters can be mixed on the system board, increasing flexibility. These units also support multi-speed or multi-turn I/O. Unit specific functions are configurable by part number.

Computer Conversions Corporation has been creating custom motion control solutions for over 50 years. We can customize the COMMANDNET unit to fit your exact input and output requirements, including the Ethernet data transmission protocol you may need. We offer a wide range of converters for Synchro and Resolver signals as well as RVDT / LVDT. It is possible to configure the COMMANDNET for a 4 to 20ma current loop or output. Virtually any type of analog output can be accommodated.

  • Fire control systems
  • Ship navigation
  • Digital Radar Control Aggregation
  • Active coordinate converters
  • Remote control systems
  • Simulate and test
  • Control of multi-network machines
  • Retransmission systems
  • Industrial automation