• Data Logger
  • T°, Humidity, Pressure, Current/Voltage
  • Motion, Shock, Bridge/Strain, Pulse/Event/State

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About MadgeTech

For over twenty years now, MadgeTech, Inc. has set the standard for excellence in data logging technology and customer service. Over time, our company has evolved from a one-man operation in a garage to an international powerhouse with products sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

As MadgeTech has grown, we have never lost sight of President Norm Carlson’s original vision of a company that maintains meaningful relationships with customers in addition to manufacturing the highest-quality data loggers on the market. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers so that we can turn their problems into new data logging solutions. This dedication to working for the customer is what makes “The MadgeTech Solution” so much more than just a product line.

At MadgeTech, we take pride in maintaining our production process entirely in the USA, from design to shipping. Our data loggers are assembled and packaged under the same roof as the engineers who designed them in our Warner, New Hampshire headquarters, guaranteeing the highest level of quality.

As we look to the future, we will continue to harness new technologies and respond to customer needs to create innovative data loggers and software. We are proud to remain ahead of the curve in the development of wireless technology, providing cloud services, offering real-time data monitoring, and furnishing customers with state of the art tools to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Many companies manufacture data loggers, but only MadgeTech builds customer-driven data logging solutions!