PCIe-Synchro - Synchro-resolver, encoder, LVDT PCIe bus card

PCIe-Synchro - Synchro-resolver, encoder, LVDT PCIe bus card
Main features
  • Proven “Whole” Standard Converters
  • Optimized Thermal Management
  • External Synchro AMP I/O
  • 100% Transformer Isolated I/O
  • Permits 2 wire X/Y Stators(Air)
  • No External Parts or Power Required
  • Reference Powered (NAVAL) Options
  • 10-16 BIT Resolution, Programmable
  • Virtually Indestructible Outputs
  • 1.2 to 4.5VA High Power Models
  • Mix/Match Input & Output Types
  • Simultaneous Fine/Coarse Transmit For Multispeed Outputs

PCIe-Synchro : Synchro-resolver, encoder, LVDT PCIe bus card

The PCIe-Synchro Series product line are full-size PCIe compliant synchro, resolver, LVDT I/O cards, used as absolute encoder systems. These cards are ideally suited for both industrial and COTS military concerns using any PCIe bus compatible computer The PCIe-Synchro Series converters provide up to 4 or 8 channels of Isolated, Synchro / Resolver, LVDT / RVDT or absolute encoder interface on a single, standard, full-size PCIe card.


Our versatile PCIe platform enables the mounting of various combinations of input and output modules. We offer resolutions from 10 to 16 bit and various input and output signal configurations. It is possible to achieve up to 8 input channels or combine input and output modules to suit unique applications.

  • Synchro => Digital
  • Digital => Synchro
  • Resolver  => Digital
  • Digital => Resolver
  • Digital => LVDT/RVDT


As a leader in the motion control industry for over 50 years Computer Conversions Corporation can customize a synchro / resolver data acquisition solution, or synchro / resolver simulation solution for your specific application. Whether you’re using non-standard reference signals, high output power, or require a special combination of input and ouput devices, we are here to work with your engineering staff to develop a custom solution for your company.