Scout - PXI Interconnect Solutions

Scout - PXI Interconnect Solutions
Main features

SCOUT is the only PXI Connectivity Solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance potential of the PXI platform.

SCOUT is a fully configurable system that provides a PCB, Flex or short wire interconnection for PXI based test systems.

  • Shortest Electrical Connection from PXI Chassis to Mass Interconnect System
  • Ease of System Integration/Maintenance
  • Eliminates Conventional Wiring Harnesses
  • Best Overall Electrical Performance
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SCOUT featuring the Direct Access Kit (DAK)

SCOUT featuring the Direct Access Kit (DAK) is an innovative pull-through mass interconnect solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance of the PXI platform. DAK enables system designers to limit / eliminate traditional cabling by introducing a pull-through interface adapter.

Through the utilization of fully enclosed PCBs or fixed-wire solutions, DAKs mitigate capacitance, signal crosstalk and other attenuation issues that plague conventional cable based ATE. The result is increased performance with a far higher degree of stability and up-time.

Unprecedented Modularity

Simply remove a DAK Assembly and replace it with another or swap a DAK Assembly from one system to another system. In both cases, the process is typically be completed in a matter of minutes and with no adverse impact on the system as a whole – the system capacitance signature remains unaffected. The opposite is true of conventional cable based ATE solutions where instrument removal typically requires a system calibration upon completion.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

SCOUT based systems are generally configured at a comparable initial price to cable based solutions, BUT the cost of integration and maintenance will ALWAYS be much lower. Complex PXI configurations can be integrated in a matter of hours where cable based solutions can take days or weeks. Furthermore, DAK modules meet COTS requirements, eliminating costly engineering and assembly time associated with custom cable assemblies – AND these costs savings will continue throughout the life of the system.