CMX34 - Integrated PXIe/LXI Subsystem with Receiver Interface Mechanism

CMX34 - Integrated PXIe/LXI Subsystem with Receiver Interface Mechanism
Main features
  • Achieve best performance with hybrid test system that combines exceptional data throughput of PXIe with increased board-space in an LXI mainframe optimized for signal switching.
  • PXIe mainframe with high bandwidth PCIe Gen 2 backplane with 2 GB/s bandwidth per slot and 8 GB/s system bandwidth
  • EX1200 LXI mainframe for signal switching and I/O where the real estate allows instrument-grade performance
  • Fully integrated including cables and receiver modules, ready to drop into a test system
  • Subsystems engineered to maximize signal integrity and delivered fully tested and verified to guarantee results
  • Save time and money in sourcing, development and deployment


There are several industry standard platforms including VXI, PXI/PXI Express, LXI, GPIB and USB, each with its own benefits that make it useful for a particular application. No bus is perfect for all needs and applications, but by combining different platforms in a hybrid system, users can optimize the performance of their test systems to achieve best results.

The CMX34 is an integrated sub system that combines the high throughput of an 18-slot PXI Express mainframe for data intensive applications with a 16-slot LXI mainframe uniquely optimized for signal switching and I/O. The CMX34 can be combined with mass interface connectivity options to provide a fully integrated switching and instrumentation subsystem that includes cabling and receiver modules.
Leveraging the two platforms in a single, integrated solution, users can combine best-in-class instrumentation with best-in-class signal switching to maximize system performance.