USB-7230/7250 - Isolated USB Digital I/O Modules (OEM version available)

USB-7230/7250 - Isolated USB Digital I/O Modules (OEM version available)
Main features
  • USB 2.0, bus USB alimenté
  • Le filtre numérique programmable supprimant les parasites inattendus des canaux d’entrée
  • Programmation du statut initial de la sortie numérique / Relais
  • 32 E/S numériques isolées (USB-7230)
  • 8 Sorties relais , 8 DI isolées (USB-7250)
  • 2 Compteurs de fréquence / événement (USB-7230/7250)
  • Jusqu’à 2500 VRMS tension d’isolement
  • Application de test prête à l’emploi (U-Test) fournie


USB-7230 8-CH relay output, 8-CH isolated DI & 2-CH counter USB module
USB-7250 32-CH isolated Digital I/O & 2-CH counter USB module

The USB-7230/7250 USB-based digital I/O modules feature high voltage on/off control and monitoring, and isolation voltage supported up to 2500VRMS. The USB-7230 provides 32-CH isolated digital I/O and 2-CH frequency/event counters. The USB-7250 provides 8-CH relay output (4 form C and 4 form A), 8-CH isolated DI, and 2-CH frequency/event counters.

The USB-powered USB-7230/7250 features removable screw-down terminals for easy device connectivity, and the included multi-functional stand fully supports desktop, rail, or wall mounting.

The USB-7230/7250 is suitable for industrial I/O control applications requiring high voltage and superior protection. High isolation voltage protects against damage from accidental contact with external voltages and eliminates troublesome ground loops. U-Test, a free ready-to-use testing program, is included to enable operation or testing of all ADLINK USB DAQ series functions with no programming requirement.