SecureSync-2400 - Network Time Server (NTP/PTP Server)

SecureSync-2400 - Network Time Server (NTP/PTP Server)
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Main features
  • Multi-GNSS synchronization (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, QZSS)
  • SAASM option
  • Alternate signal options
  • BroadShield GPS jamming and spoofing detection option
  • Internal precision timekeeping via TCXO, OCXO or Rb oscillator
  • Supports a wide variety of available input/output signals
  • Modular (configure-toorder) ruggedized shock and vibration tested chassis
  • Exceptional operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C
  • High bandwidth NTP
  • PTP v2 Master/Slave
  • Dual Gb Ethernet
  • Secure network management: Enable or disable protocols for encryption, authentication, authorization and accounting
  • REST API management
  • Alert notifications via S

SecureSync-2400 : Network Time Server (NTP/PTP Server)

SecureSync is the key enabler of highly available time and Frequency synchronization distribution architecture. It adapts to demanding infrastructure environments, with extended temperature support (-20°C to +65°C). Time distribution to legacy systems can be acheived with a range of synchronization signals, while timing protocols (NTP, PTP) are available for synchronizing of recent systems through the networks.

SecureSync offers a broad range of flexible design options, including a variety of internal oscillators for holdover and phase noise, and onboard clocks that can be synchronized to many external references. The platform can be configured for specific applications, with the ability to extend the number of options cards on the platform (up to six cards can be accomidated per unit).

Option Cards include:

1PPS, Alarm Relay, ASCII Time Code, Event Broadcast, Frequency Output (1, 5, 10 MHz), Gigabit Ethernet, HAVE QUICK, IRIG, Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Square Wave TTL, STANAG, STL and Other Signals, T1/E1 Output, and Programmable Frequency Output.

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