PXI-7931 - PXI Switch - 4x8 2-Wire Matrix Module

PXI-7931 - PXI Switch - 4x8 2-Wire Matrix Module
Main features
  • PXI specifications Rev. 2.1 compliant
  • Up to 32 cross-point DPDT (2 Form C) nonlatching relays
  • Contact rating: Max. count – 2 A; Max. voltage – 220 VDC, 125 VAC
  • On-board 1 k-sample scan list for deterministic scanning
  • Handshaking signals for external instruments synchronization
  • Safety functions: Hardware emergency shutdown and watchdog timer from 1 ms to 420 s
  • 8 auxiliary 3.3 V/TTL digital inputs/outputs with 5 V tolerance
  • Multiple modules synchronization through PXI trigger bus and star trigger

ADLINK PXI-7931 is a matrix module with 32 cross-point 2-wire relays (DPDT, 2 Form C). The default configuration of the PXI-7931 itself is a 4-group 2×4 2-wire matrix. With the termination board, TB-6231, users could flexibly choose one of the configurations: one 4×8, two 4×4, one 2×16, two 2×8 and four 2×4. Any contact of the PXI-7931 can connect to other contacts, individually or in combination. The PXI-7931 matrix module simplifies the wiring and makes it easy to change the internal connection path. The contact position of the relays can be changed either by direct software commands or by following the instructions previously stored in the on-board scan list. The scan list advances upon the trigger from external measurement devices, such as a DMM. The scan list could also advance when the scan-delay timer expires. In the PXI-7931, PXI trigger functions are supported and software programmable. Multiple modules can therefore be synchronized without additional field wiring.

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