PCI-7442/7443/7444 - High-Density 128-CH Isolated DIO/DI/DO PCI Cards

PCI-7442/7443/7444 - High-Density 128-CH Isolated DIO/DI/DO PCI Cards
Main features
  • Supports universal 32-bit 3.3 V and 5 V PCI
  • 64-CH opto-isolated digital input and 64-CH opto-isolated digital output (PCI-7442)
  • 128-CH opto-isolated digital input(PCI-7443)
  • 128-CH opto-isolated digital output (PCI-7444)
  • 1250 VRMS isolation voltage
  • Programmable Change-of-State (COS) detection for all digital input channels
  • Voltage protection of up to 28 V for isolated input
  • Up to 300 mA high-output driving capability for all output
PCI-7442 64-CH Isolated DI and 64-CH Isolated DO Card
PCI-7443 128-CH Isolated DI card
PCI-7444 128-CH Isolated DO card

Responding to the industry”s need for high-density digital input/output modules, the ADLINK PCI-7442/7443/7444 DIO card series delivers up to 128 opto-isolated channels for a wide range of demanding PCI-based applications. The PCI-7442/7443/7444 series comes with 64 (PCI-7442) or 128 (PCI-7443) opto-isolated digital inputs and 64 (PCI-7442) or 128 (PCI-7444) opto-isolated digital outputs. With a 1250 VRMS (excluding cables) channel-to-system isolation protection, these cards are shielded from damage caused by accidental contact with external voltage while promoting simple ground connections. All input channels are identical non-polarity with each line isolated and suited to collect digital inputs even at high-noise environments. Featuring a Change-of-State (COS) interrupt function, the PCI-7442/PCI-7443 instantly generates an interrupt request to the PCI controller when it detects a sharp change in the logical state of any of its digital inputs.