GT-SRM100A - System Reference Module

GT-SRM100A - System Reference Module
Main features
  • Time-base for the GT-ASGM18A / GT-ASAM18A
  • Ultra-low phase noise signals
  • Drives 1 to 4 Advanced Signal Generators / Analyzers
  • Spurious <80 dBc
  • 10 MHz, 100 MHz and 1200 MHz outputs
  • 10 MHz or 100 MHz external reference input

The Giga-tronics GT-SRM100A System Reference Module is designed for use with the Giga-tronics two-channel (GT-CHSIS2A) or four-channel (GT-CHSIS4A) chassis. The GT-SRM100A occupies a dedicated chassis slot and utilizes a coherent analog  synchronization bus to deliver the precision frequency reference signals required by the Giga-tronics GT-ASGM18A / GT-ASAM18A Advanced Signal  Generator / Analyzer.  The GT-SRM100A supports up to four Advanced Signal Generators / Analyzers in a single chassis. This arrangement eliminates a host of inter-module front panel cabling and allows the signal generators / analyzers to exhibit superior phase stability and coherence between channels as compared to stacking traditional bench-top sources.

The GT-SRM100A System Reference Module accepts 10 MHz or 100 MHz external frequency references for phase locking the GT-SRM100A to external equipment and it provides 10 MHz and 100 MHz frequency reference outputs for phase locking multiple Giga-tronics chassis in high channel count  applications.

  • Frequency:  10 MHz, 100 MHZ, 1200 MHz
  • Front Panel Connectors:  SMA (F)
  • Accuracy:  Same as time base
  • Harmonics:  -55 dBc (rear panel); -27 (front panel)
  • Spurious:  -80 dBc
  • SSB phase noise:  -130 dBc/Hz at 1.2 GHz, 10 kHz offset