EX10SC - Signal Conditioning Expansion Chassis, 16-Channel

EX10SC - Signal Conditioning Expansion Chassis, 16-Channel
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Main features
  • 16-Channel capacity
  • Mix and match transducer types on a per-channel basis
  • Supports wide range of static measurements and transducer types including thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, strain gauge, pressure transducers, etc. using signal conditioning modules
  • Seamless integration with the EX1000A, EX1016A, EX1032A, EX1000A-TC and EX1000A-TCDC
  • Turnkey support with EXLab Data Acquisition Software
  • 1500Vrms isolation (module)
  • 300V isolation (input to chassis)
  • nput protection to 240VAC continuous
  • ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1 transient protection

The EX10SC modular signal conditioning platform can address the most demanding industrial signal acquisition challenges. This extension of the EX1000A family is designed to ensure seamless integration and connectivity along with exceptional measurement flexibility. Signals from a wide variety of transducer types can be mixed and matched, on a per-channel basis, to ensure complete coverage from a single platform.

The EX10SC also provides exceptional input protection and isolation across a wide range of operating conditions, protecting valuable instrumentation and ensuring measurement integrity. Simply match the signal characteristics with the appropriate signal conditioning module, make connections with the easy-to-use termination access points, and start collecting data.

A wide range of signal types are supported. Transducer types can be mixed and matched on an individual channel basis: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor, Potentiometer, Strain gage, Pressure, High-level voltage, Frequency and Current.

Full LXI compliance makes the EX1000 family of instruments ideal for distributed measurements throughout your facility by reducing cabling and installation expenses. Connect directly to your LAN network using industry standard Ethernet cable and connections.

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