EX1000A - 48-Channel Precision Voltage Measurement Instrument

EX1000A - 48-Channel Precision Voltage Measurement Instrument
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Main features
      • 48 voltage channels
      • Supports wide range of static measurements and transducer types including thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, strain gauge, pressure transducers, etc. using EX10SC signal conditioning modules
      • Signal conditioning configurable on a per channel basis
      • Sampling rates up to 1000 Sa/sec/ch
      • Programmable low pass filter per channel
      • Standalone, compact 1U footprint
      • Voltage ranges ±10 V, ±1V, ±0.1V, ± 0.067V and ± 0.01V
      • LXI compliant with IEEE-1588 and wired trigger bus for distributed, synchronized measurements
      • Unlimited expansion for High-Channel counts
      • Built in self-test and self-calibration

EX1000A is an advanced full-featured voltage measurement instrument providing superior measurement accuracy and repeatability through fully integrated signal conditioning and embedded end-to-end self-calibration.

A wide range of transducer types, including pressure, strain, temperature, position and voltage, can be combined in this flexible solution. This is made possible by integrating with the EX10SC modular signal conditioning platform. This extension of the EX1000A family is designed to ensure seamless integration and connectivity along with exceptional measurement flexibility. Signals from a wide variety of transducer types can be mixed and matched, on a per-channel basis, to ensure complete coverage from a single platform.

Complete end-to-end self-calibration is provided for each signal path on a programmable basis. A highly accurate calibration source provides reference signals that are applied prior to analog filtering and gain circuits to compensate for drift, aging, or measurement variations. Self-calibration is simple and quick, and can be performed as often as desired.

With LXI complaint features like a built-in Trigger BusTM hardware trigger subsystem, the EX1000A supports easy integration and synchronization of multiple devices including existing VXIbus instrumentation.

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