DT8874 MEASURpoints - Precision Measurement Instrument for Temperature (Thermocouples, RTDs) and Voltage

DT8874 MEASURpoints - Precision Measurement Instrument for Temperature (Thermocouples, RTDs) and Voltage
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Main features
  • ISO-Channel™ technology eliminates ground loops and protects signal integrity
  • High common mode voltage range and channel-to-channel isolation up to ±500V
  • Dedicated 24-bit, Delta Sigma A/D converter for each input channel for simultaneous, high-resolution measurements
  • Sampling rates up to 10 Hz per channel
  • Configure up to 48 differential input channels
  • B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T type thermocouples supported with a resolution up to 0.0004 K
  • Platinum RTD types supported: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 in 2, 3, or 4-wire configurations with a typical resolution of 0.0002 K
  • Dedicated reference current source for each RTD channel
  • Three software selectable input ranges on voltage boards: ±10V, ±100V, ±400V
  • 8 digital input lines up to 28VDC, galvanically isolated
  • 8 digital output lines, solid-state relays up to ±30V@400mA, galvanically isolated
  • Sample digital input channels along with the analog channels
  • IVI-COM instrument driver for .NET, NI LabVIEW, VEE, MATLAB, LabWindows/CVI development
  • QuickDAQ data logger application, programming examples, and web-based application included
  • mains power supply EP361 and LAN cable included
DT8874-08 8-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)
DT8874-16 16-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)
DT8874-24 24-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)
DT8874-32 32-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)
DT8874-40 40-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)
DT8874-48 48-Channel Precise Measurement Instrument Ethernet (LXI)

DT8874 MEASURpoint™ is an ultra-accurate instrument that allows any combination of temperature and voltage to be measured with a single software solution. Up to forty-eight configurable channels allow the ultimate flexibility with voltage, thermocouple, and RTD inputs.
DT8874 MEASURpoint incorporates ISO-Channel™ technology to eliminate any common mode noise and ground loop problems and provides isolation up to ±500V continuously, making it ideal for alternative energy measurement applications in noisy environments.

DT8874 MEASURpoint is available with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 channels. Simply choose the instrument according to the total number of input channels desired and add the appropriate number of plug-in measurement boards of your choice. These are already included in the system price displayed. There are plug-in measurement boards available for thermocouples, RTDs and resistance, voltage and current.

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