DT9829 - USB Multi-Sensor Measurement Module

DT9829 - USB Multi-Sensor Measurement Module
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Main features
  • 8 DI input channels for direct connection of many types of sensors
    • Thermocouples: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T types
    • Platinum RTD: pt100, pt500, pt1000 … 2, 3, 4-wire
    • NTC Thermistors
    • Bridge-based sensors: internal 3.0VDC excitation, ±200 mV input range
    • Voltage: ±10V, ±2V, ±200mV input range
    • Current: ±25mA
    • Resistance: 0 to 200k ohm
  • All features software selectable per channel
  • Each input channel independent…any sensor on any channel, no interaction
  • Sampling to 960 Hz
  • 24-bit delta-sigma ADC…eliminates aliasing for extremely accurate measurement
  • Thermocouple CJC and open circuit detection
  • 4 isolated digital inputs and 4 isolated digital outputs
  • ±500V galvanic isolation…to PC and ground
  • USB 2.0 powered…no extra power supply needed
  • Includes free QuickDAQ software…get up and running quickly

The DT9829 is a portable data acquisition multi-sensor measurement module for USB. The DT9829 supports a universal array of sensor types: voltage inputs, current, thermocouples, RTD and NTC thermistors, resistance, bridge-based sensors, and strain gages.

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