52400e - High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU)

52400e - High Precision Source Measure Unit (SMU)
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Main features
  • 1- Slot PXI express module
  • 2/4 independent channels (4 ch for Model 52401e-6-1)
  • 18-bit resolution
  • Four quadrant operation
  • 6-wire Force/Sense/Guard
  • Low output noise
  • DIO/Trigger bits
  • Deterministic hardware sequencer
  • Programmable resistance
  • 16 control bandwidth selection
  • Master/Slave operation
  • LabView/LabWindows & C/C#
  • Softpanel GUI
52401e-6-1 High Precision Source Measurement Unit, 6V/1A
52401e-25-200m High Precision Source Measure Unit, 25V/200mA
52405e-5-3 High Precision Source Measure Unit, 5V/3.5A
52405e-10-2 High Precision Source Measure Unit, 10V/2.5A
52405e-25-1 High Precision Source Measure Unit, 25V/1A
52405e-25-3 High Precision Source Measure Unit, 25V/3.5A
A524006 External AC-DC Power Adapter (drives up to 3x 52401e or 1x 52405e SMUs)
A524011 High Power External AC-DC Adapter (drives up to 3x 52405e SMUs)
A524009 52405e Output Triaxial Cable

The Chroma 52400e series is a PXIe based SMU (Source Measurement Unit) card designed for highly accurate source or load simulation with precision voltage and current measurements.

The SMU combines four-quadrant operation with precision and high speed measurement. This makes the SMU an ideal instrument in many parametric test applications ranging from ICs, two-leaded components such as sensors, LEDs, laser diodes, transistors, to solar cells, batteries and many other electronic devices.

The 52400e series features: 16 selectable control bandwidths to ensure high speed output and stable operation; multiple source/measure ranges with an 18-bit DAC/ADC to provide the best resolution and accuracy available with a sampling rate up to 100K s/S; programmable internal series resistance for battery simulation; ±force, ±sense and ±guards lines to avoid leakage current and reduce settling time — especially useful for low current test applications.

The 52400e series has a patented hardware sequence engine that uses deterministic timing to control each SMU. The sequencer’s on-board memory can s tore up to 65535 sequencer commands and 32k measurement samples per channel, al lowing cros s module/ card synchronization and latency free output control and measurement. No PC communication is required during execution of the hardware sequencer test process.

C, C#, LabView, LabWindows APIs and versatile soft front panels come standard with each SMU. The back connectors are compatible with both PXIe and hybrid chassis. All of these features enable easy integration to PXIe or PXI-hybrid systems designed for a wide range of applications.

  • Semiconductor
  • LED / Laser Diode
  • Solar Cell
  • Battery / BMS
  • Transistor
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Power Electronics
  • Sensor / IoT
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