VersaPNT - All in one resilient positioning, navigation and timing system

VersaPNT - All in one resilient positioning, navigation and timing system
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Main features
  • Accurate in All Conditions

    • GNSS-aided inertial navigation and timing
    • High performance internal time base and inertial sensor to manage potential GNSS loss
    • GNSS time and frequency source with NTP/PTP time server
    • Ability to integrate future PNT signal sources such as STL, CAN Bus, etc
  • Flexible

    • High versatility with software-configurable inputs/outputs
    • Network sync, set up and management
    • Easy integration, with small footprint and low power consumption
    • Compatible with external IMUs
    • Victory compatible
    • Measurement data is logged internally and streamed through a serial or LAN interface
  • Compact and Rugged

    • Ruggedized (MIL-STD-810G) low size, weight and power
    • Conduction-cooled
    • Mil-performance connectors
    • Standby power mode
    • Configurable for multiple vehicle and airframe platforms

VersaPNT is the first all-in-one, always-accurate positioning, navigation and timing solution that delivers accurate, software-configurable position, navigation, altitude, time, and frequency signals under all circumstances.
This rugged and highly customizable device combines a GNSS receiver, inertial measurement technology and high-performance timing oscillators to provide Assured PNT in GNSS-degraded and denied environments.
VersaPNT minimizes size, weight and power (SWaP) by combining PNT functions normally achieved through multiple independent subsystems, allowing for efficient integration into a myriad of ground, air and maritime platforms.

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