TSync-PCIe - PCI Express Timecode Processors

TSync-PCIe - PCI Express Timecode Processors
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Main features
  • Rugged timing board ready for integration
  • GNSS sync options (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SAASM GPS)
  • Auto-detects and prioritizes references
  • IRIG timecode input and output
  • 1PPS input and output
  • Multiple external event time capture/interrupt
  • Optional OCXO internal clock upgrade
  • cPCI and VPX boards are conduction-cooled ready

Orolia TSync time code processors are complete synchronized timecode reader/generator boards and peripheral slot cards offering flexibility and easy integration for mission critical embedded applications.

Each board’s precision onboard clock/oscillator is phase-locked to a wide variety of external timing references and provides 5 ns resolution to the time-keeping hardware. Typical reference signals include GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS, SAASM GPS, IRIG and 1 PPS. Precision timestamps and interrupts relating to time-specific events are available to your software applications and external signals can be time tagged. What’s more, time and frequency signals can be generated for synchronizing external devices.

The user can prioritize multiple external references so if one reference is lost the unit will automatically switch to the next. The internal oscillator can also be its own reference with user-settable time or when all valid external synchronization sources are lost. For applications where accuracy in this “holdover” conditional is essential, an upgrade to an ovenized crystal oscillator (OCXO) is recommended. Some models offer an optional rugged OCXO oscillator that has been tested for shock and vibration according to MIL-STD-810F.

Four user-programmable time tag inputs may be used for multiple event capture at a rate higher than 10,000 events per second. Additionally, four programmable time match/frequency outputs are provided.

Other features include two unique time code outputs, multiple programmable square waves or “heartbeats,” multiple programmable “alarm” time match start/stop time outputs, a 10 MHz sine wave output, and a 1 PPS output.

Key to the TSync functionality is the ability to generate interrupts. Using a Spectracom driver package available for the latest versions of popular operating systems, you may configure your board or slot card using interrupt-driven algorithms to support your unique applications.

Spectracom TSync boards offer a high degree of customization and field upgradeability. If a new application or change in deployment requires a different feature set, we can usually accommodate it.

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