Test for I-DEAS - Comprehensive Software Solution for Large Scale Noise and Vibration Testing

Test for I-DEAS - Comprehensive Software Solution for Large Scale Noise and Vibration Testing
Main features
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Shock Testing
  • Modal Testing
  • Rotational machinery / Order Analysis
  • High speed data measurements
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Digital Filtering
  • Exporting live interactive graphs and data into MS office documents
  • Overlaying test and analysis data
  • Fatigue Life Estimation
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VTI’s partnership with Maya HTT for the newly upgraded Test for I-DEAS provides customers a new and improved experience with the most comprehensive solutions for noise and vibration testing in the industry. Test for I-DEAS is a software suite of powerful tools for measuring, managing, processing and analyzing NVH data in large scale dynamic test environments. In combination with VTI’s SentinelEX data acquisition hardware, these specialized tools seamlessly interact to cover a broad range of applications for measuring, understanding and controlling the noise, vibration, and durability properties of products such as ground vehicles, aerospace structures, industrial machinery and consumer products.

Test for I-DEAS empowers engineers to perform the most sophisticated analysis and processing of test data in the noise and vibration industry and continues to evolve to meet the latest challenges and innovations in the NVH domain. This powerful software package extends its seamless integration to VTI Instruments’ latest innovations in NVH test, the EMX-43xx, EMX-42xx and the EMX-1434 PXI Express (PXIe) High Speed DSA Hardware. Test for I-DEAS supports VTI’s EMX-2500 LXI controller, allowing for system communication by Ethernet and unmatched flexibility in distributing the data acquisitions systems in close proximity to structure locations under test. Measurement data is synchronized through the IEEE-1588 standard for a seamless distributed measurement environment.

With hardware sampling rates up to 625 kSa/s and 24 Bit resolution on a modular PXIe platform, VTI Instruments leverages the fielded and proven power of Test for I-DEAS software to provide NVH professionals with the tools to specialize in nearly every domain of noise and vibration testing with a common integrated hardware/software solution.

Incorporating advanced capabilities for nearly every NVH analysis and test discipline, Test for I-DEAS is unique in integrating such practices as finite element modeling, pre and post model verification with test results, and direct measurement under a single software package. Engineers are able to build mathematical models, optimize reduced test models, and acquire test data all in the same software environment for achieving better results in less time.