SMX-5001 - 80 Channel, 300 V/2A, Form A (SPST) Switch

SMX-5001 - 80 Channel, 300 V/2A, Form A (SPST) Switch
Main features
  • 80 SPST (FormA) General Purpose Switch
  • Max switching voltage 300 VDC /300 VAC
  • Max switching current 2 A
  • Max power switching 60 W Dc, 62.5 VA
  • Banwidth > 50 MHz (typical)
  • Can be mixed and matched to create application specific configurations
  • Ideal for general purpose switching of up to 300V (AC/DC) or 2A
  • Can be used to switch a common point to either power or ground (Form C)
  • Connect together using external wiring for flexible switch design points
  • 160-pin DIN connector for easy connectivity

The SMX-5001 is a high-density general purpose 2A SPST switch module designed for systems where individual relays can be used to route signals to/from the units under test (UUT) or combined externally to form user-defined configurations. These relays are commonly used to create complex signal distribution networks that can be reconfigured through different wiring in test adapters. The modules can also be configured with other SMX series and EX1200 series switch modules as part of a flexible system switch design.