SMX-4410 - PXI Express Switch Card, Configurable Matrix 4 x (4x10) 2-Wire, 300V / 2A

SMX-4410 - PXI Express Switch Card, Configurable Matrix 4 x (4x10) 2-Wire, 300V / 2A
Main features
  • Configurable matrix 4 x (4×10), 2 x (8×10), 1 x (8×20), 2 x (4×20) or 1 x (4×40), 2 wires
  • Switching voltage 300 Vac / 300 Vdc
  • Switching current 2 A
  • Typical bandwidth 82 MHz
  • Crosstalk <-54 dB @ 100 KHz
  • Isolation <-79 dB @ 100 KHz
  • End-to-end signal shielding
  • Integrated self-test


The SMX-4410 is a high density, configurable matrix module in 3U PXIe format. It allows the user to connect any input row to any output column, with a DPST relay at each row / column cross point. This architecture allows for flexible switching system designs where multiple test instruments must be connected to common test points.

The SMX-4410 contains four 2-wire (4X10) matrix blocks. These can be coupled together under software control to create a 2 x (8×10), or 1 x (8×20), or 2 x (4×20), or 1 x (4×40) 2-wire matrix. It thus provides the user with flexibility and simplifies wiring. The card is able to switch up to 300V in voltage, and 2A in current allowing its use on a wide range of applications. It also includes a built-in self-test mechanism that can be used to determine the quality of the relay.

The SMX-4410 incorporates extended signal shielding. Shield pins are available on the front panel connector to attach it to the cable shield. This preserves signal integrity throughout the signal path by keeping the signals at the same reference level as the UUT. In addition, careful signal routing is done for signal shielding and interference reduction. This allows the SMX-4410 to achieve the best switching performance. This performance allows the board to be used with high frequency signals and signals that have fast rise times and narrow pulse widths.

Ideally suited for medium to high density Automated Test Systems (ATE), the SMX-4xxx series offers uncompromising measurement integrity. The SMX-4xxx series is ideal for the most demanding aerospace, defense and automotive applications.

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