GT-CHSIS2A/GT-CHSIS4A - Advanced Signal Generation and Analysis System Chassis

GT-CHSIS2A/GT-CHSIS4A - Advanced Signal Generation and Analysis System Chassis
Main features
  • 4 channel configurations
  • Dedicated standby supply for reference module slot
  • Field replaceable power supply, fans and fan filter
  • Supports up to 100W per slot
  • Desirable rear-panel connectivity
  • Zone 3 analog synchronization bus

Giga-tronics GT-CHSIS2A and GT-CHSIS4A Advanced Signal Generation / Analysis System Chassis are based upon the new AXIe 1.0 industry standard. Available in 2 channel (4U) and 4 channel(7U) configurations, chassis make use of the AXIe standard’s Zone3 provision to implement a coherent analog synchronization bus for sharing frequency reference signals and critical timing clocks from the GT-SRM100A Reference Module with up to four GT-ASGM18A / GT-ASAM18A Advanced Signal Generators / Analyzers in a single chassis.  This arrangement eliminates a host of inter-module front panel cabling and allows the signal generators and analyzers to exhibit superior phase stability and coherence between channels compared to stacking traditional bench-top sources.

Each chassis incorporates an active backplane for implementing the Zone1 and Zone2 requirements of the AXIe 1.0 standard permitting a more desirable  rear-chassis location for the external PCIe, and Ethernet interfaces. The chassis can accept products from 3rd parties designed to the AXIe 1.0  specification and can support modules requiring up to 100W per slot. For ease of maintainability, the chassis’ power supply, fan and filter assemblies are removable for service or replacement to deliver maximum up-time in critical applications. The chassis can report its status over the PCIe or ethernet  interfaces and will signal a fault condition via a front-panel LED.

  • Dimensions:
    • 2-CH System:  7″ H x 16.5″ W x 22.5″ D
    • 4-CH System:  12.3″ H x 16.5″ W x 22.5″ D
  • Weight:
    • 2-CH System:  Up to 75 lbs (23.0 kg) depending upon configuration
    • 4-CH System:  Up to 125 lbs (34.5 kg) depending upon configuration
  • Power:
    • 2-CH System:  <450 Watts
    • 4-CH System:  <900 Watts
  • Form Factor:  AXIe