EX1208A/EX1268A - LXI Switching Chassis, 3U 16-slot (DMM option)

EX1208A/EX1268A - LXI Switching Chassis, 3U 16-slot (DMM option)
Main features
  • 3U, 16-slot ,mainframe
  • Internal 5-wire bus routes directly to optional full featured 6.5 digit DMM
  • Modules plug in from the front – minimizes system wiring
  • LXI communication interface eliminates platform obsolescence and support cost concern
  • Tightly synchronized measurements in a distributed architecture using IEEE-1588
  • 8-line LXI wired trigger bus – precision hardware handshaking
  • Scalable from table-top to production system with ½ rack 1U, 1U, and 3U options
  • Low cost-per-channel across a wide range of channel count

The EX1200 family is the highest density switch and data acquisition instrument on the market with the ability to mix low-level, power, and RF switch modules in a single mainframe. This scalable family of products is designed to leverage capital investments in one common hardware and software platform that can be used in development, manufacturing, and field service. Mix and match a variety of modules to build a comprehensive signal switching subsystem that can be supplemented with precision analog and digital I/O modules.

When installed with the optional 6.5 digit DMM, the EX1200 family can be configured as a cost-effective, high-density, scanning measurement and control instrument capable of acquiring data from thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, and voltage/current sensors at rates up to 1000 samples per second. Plug-in switch/multiplexer modules are used to expand the number of channels that can be scanned in a single system. Additional plug-in modules extend the capabilities of this instrument for data acquisition by adding precision analog and digital outputs for controlling external devices, as well source/tach for measurements on rotating machinery.

The award winning EX1200 series offers nearly double the available working space and increased channel count capacity to ensure the highest degree of signal integrity in the same vertical footprint as PXI. For lower density switching applications, VTI also offers a comprehensive family of high-performance PXI Express switch modules.

The performance of a switch system goes beyond just the relays and the switch card PCB. Everything in the signal path, including the cabling and connectors from the DUT and to the measurement instruments, can add noise and degrade the signal. VTI optimizes the system-level performance by providing easy to use connectivity options for all the EX1200 products that minimize signal loss.