EX1200-7008 - Multichannel Glitch-Free Universal RTD Simulator

EX1200-7008 - Multichannel Glitch-Free Universal RTD Simulator
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Main features
  • Eight channel, universal, 2-/4-wire RTD simulator
  • Fast, monotonic, glitch-free resistance value programming
  • Suitable for simulating resistors, platinum/copper/nickel RTDs
  • Suitable for pulsed and continuous excitation inputs
  • Direct temperature value programming
  • Extensive triggering capability
  • Synchronize level changes with input measurements to facilitate test sequencing

The EX1200-7008 is a multichannel resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensor simulation card, with the versatility to precisely simulate a variety of RTD types on a single module. This card provides eight channels of independent resistance outputs, which can be configured under program control to characterize the behavior of a measurement/signal conditioning system. Synchronized simulation of multiple channels can be used to create virtual thermal environments for evaluating the performance of safety systems.


The EX1200-7008 implements advanced solid-state servo mechanisms to produce bounce-less changes in the resistance, and smooth ramps at the required rate of change. Ageing effects are nullified, as the resistance value is continuously monitored in a closed loop and corrected for errors.


Each EX1200-7008 can be programmatically configured to simulate platinum, copper, and nickel RTD types with configurable co-efficient values, and meets the DIN, IEC, JIS, 1989, and ITS-90 curve fitting standards. Required temperature values can be directly commanded, eliminating the need to derive conversion algorithms in application software. Resistance values up to 6500 Ω with 125 mΩ resolution can be realized, with the ability to achieve 20 mΩ resolution for lower ranges. It can also accept continuous or pulsed type current excitation sources, which makes it truly “universal”. It can even be used in cryogenic applications.

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