DNx-PC-913 - ±45V power conversion board

DNx-PC-913 - ±45V power conversion board
Main features
  • Supplies ±45V @0.4A to external devices
  • Input voltage: 9-36V DC
  • 36W capability
  • Suited for powering DNR-AO-353
  • Isolated DC/DC converter
  • Overload protection
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • Software controlled on/off switch
  • Read status of lines: voltage in limits, overload

UEI card DNx-PC-913 , one channel +/- 45 V supply

Technical specifications

The UEI manufacturer’s board, DNX-PC-913 is a +/- 45 V single channel power supply board. The input power to the boards is provided by the internal cube or RACKtangle by default, but an external power supply can be used to power the card. This card is designed to automatically detect the presence of an external power supply and use it when available.

Software and drivers

The UEIDAQ Framework library uses the same API to access all devices of the DNx distributed cards. Using the UEIDAQ Framework library significantly reduces the amount of code required to perform data acquisition and control applications. UEI supports all 32/64 bit versions of Windows up to the most recent version of Windows 10. The UEIDAQ Framework provides a set of C ++ classes to easily interface your C ++ programs with acquisition devices UEI data. The UEIDAQ Framework also comes with an ANSI-C API. Instantly download Windows software and drivers for PowerDNA / DNR hardware from the UEI. Includes UEIDAQ Framework library, which supports the following software: VisualBASIC 6, VB.NET, LabVIEW, MATLAB, LabWindows / CVI, OPC server, Excel, .NET, C #, C / C ++, Borland Delphi, Borland C ++ Builder.

Depending on the reception station, the card references will be:

– DNA-PC-913 for Cubes
– DNR-PC-913 for Racks
– DNF-PC-913 for the FLATRACK

Card usable with the UEILogger.

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