DAQ-2208 - 96-CH 12-Bit 3 MS/s High-Density Analog Input PCI Card

DAQ-2208 - 96-CH 12-Bit 3 MS/s High-Density Analog Input PCI Card
Main features
  • Supports a 32-bit 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus
  • 96-CH single-ended or 48-CH differential analog inputs
  • Onboard 1 k-sample A/D FIFO
  • Bipolar or unipolar analog input ranges
  • Programmable gains of x1, x2, x4, x5, x8, x10, x20, x40, x50, x200
  • 1024-configuration channel gain queue

ADLINK’s DAQ-2208 are ultrahigh-density and high-performance analog input cards. These decvices can sample up to 96 AI channels with different gain settings and scan
sequences, making them ideal for dealing with ultrahigh-density analog signals with various input ranges and sampling speeds. These devices also offer differential mode for 48 AI channels in order to achieve maximum noise elimination.
The DAQ-2208 also features analog and digital triggering and 24-CH programmable digital I/O lines. Like all the other members in the DAQ-2000 family, the PXI/DAQ/DAQe-2208 are able to perform analog input at full speed while multiple cards can be synchronized through the SSI (System Synchronization Interface) bus. The auto-calibration functions adjust the gain and offset to within specified accuracies so that you do not have to adjust trimpots to calibrate the cards.

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