TPRO-PCI-66U - Timecode Reader/Generator with PCI interface

TPRO-PCI-66U - Timecode Reader/Generator with PCI interface
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Main features
  • PCI local bus operation
  • PCI-X compatible
  • Universal PCI bus signaling (3.3V and 5.0V/33 or 66 MHz)
  • Autodetects time code inputs
  • Optional GPS synchronization
  • Optional 1PPS Input ±1μs accuracy to input
  • Zero latency time reads
  • Freewheel capability
  • IRIG-B timecode generator
  • External event time capture/interrupt
  • Programmable frequency out/interrupt
  • Programmable alarm output/interrupt
  • RoHS compliant

The board TPRO-PCI-66U from Orolia can synchronize to an external 1PPS in lieu of an incoming timecode. The TPRO/TSAT-PCI-66U provides precise, zero-latency time via the PCI bus on 33 and 66 MHz systems. With a 32-bit data interface, the unit offers better than 1 μs data access. Universal signaling allows the unit to function in either 5.0V or 3.3 volt backplanes.

The 10 MHz oscillator, central to the TPRO/TSAT-PCI-66U timing functions, permits the board to increment time (“freewheel”) based on the last known reference in the absence of an input source. When the timing reference is reestablished, the board synchronizes automatically.

The TPRO/TSAT-PCI-66U are synchronized timecode reader/generator cards. The input timecode format (IRIG-B, IRIG-A, or NASA36) is automatically detected and synchronization to the input timecode is automatic, enabled/disabled through the PCI bus. The TSAT version can also synchronize via an external GPS antenna/receiver package.

The TPRO/TSAT-PCI-66U may be used as an IRIG-B timecode generator. The user simply sets the initial time through the PCI bus. A propagation delay offset may be specified to compensate for cable delays. Other features include multiple event time-tag TTL inputs, a programmable periodic pulse or “heartbeat,” and a programmable “alarm” start/stop time output.

Key to the TPRO/TSAT-PCI-66U functionality is the ability to generate interrupts. With one of the many available Spectracom driver packages, the user may configure the card using interrupt-driven algorithms that support our customers’ unique applications. The software packages include a demonstration program to exercise the board’s functionality, as well as a clock utility to synchronize the host system.

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