PXIS-2508 - 8-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC

PXIS-2508 - 8-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC
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Main features
  • Compliant with PXI Hardware Specification Rev. 2.2
  • Compact 8-slot PXI chassis with one system slot and seven PXI/CompactPCI peripheral slots
  • 0°C to 55°C extended operating temperature range
  • Intelligent chassis management: Automatic fan speed control, Chassis status monitoring and exporting & Remote chassis power on/off control
  • 41.6 dBA silent operation
  • 5.9 kg lightweight aluminum-metal construction
  • 350 W industrial-grade AC power supply
  • Power, temperature, and fan monitoring LEDs
PXIS-25083U 8-Slot Smart PXI Chassis with 350 W AC Power Supply1818 €
PXIS-2508-RMRack-mount kit for PXIS-2508 chassis188 €

The PXIS-2508 is ADLINK´s new-generation PXI chassis equipped with advanced features and functionalities. Set in a sleek and lightweight chassis for superior portability, the PXIS-2508 also boasts of wider operating temperature range, lower operating noise, and robust system build. The PXIS-2508 contains an innovative intelligent control board that dynamically monitors and manages the chassis status including the fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature. It also allows a remote computer to monitor and control the chassis status using a standard RS-232 connection. The PXIS-2508 aslo features a ligh-weight construction and ultra-low operation noise. Its 350 W industrial-grade power supply delivers reliable power to your PXI system. With innovative features and considerate design, PXIS-2508 is your best choices of PXI platform for test and measurement applications.

Intelligent Chassis Management

The PXIS-2508 has a built-in control board that monitors and manages the chassis status, including the internal temperature, fan speed, and DC voltages. Using the RS-232 monitoring port, these chassis statuses may be exported to another computer for remote monitoring. The control board also allows remote system power on/off and fan speed control as it is capable of accepting commands from the remote computer.

Extended Operating Temperature Range

With two 60 CFM fans and efficient direct convection design, the PXIS-2508 can effectively operate within an extended temperature range of 0�XC to 55�XC. Chamber test shows that the chassis maintained thermal stability even when subjected to an extremely heavy load and installed at high ambient temperature.


Because chassis fans are major sources of operating noise, the PXIS-2508 fan speed is automatically controlled according to the current internal temperature. This enables the chassis to operate at an ultra-silent 41.6 dBA at room temperature.

Flexible Rack-mount Design

ADLINK also provides an optional rack-mount kit to allow flexible installation of the PXIS-2508 in a rack. By adjusting the position of chassis on the rack-mount kit, the PXIS-2558T can be recessed in a cabinet rack up to 10 centimeters to accommodate external mechanical parts on the front side, such as complicated connectors/wires and mass interconnect modules.

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