NW72PCI - Real-time multiplex simulation and analysis tool for Automative Bus

NW72PCI - Real-time multiplex simulation and analysis tool for Automative Bus
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Main features
  • 8 Analog/Digital Inputs, optionally can be extended to 12
  • 7 Digital Outputs, optionally can be extended to 15
  • 2 PWM Inputs, 4 PWM Outputs
  • Up to 10 CAN channels, selectable transceivers HSC, FTC, SWC
  • Up to 10 UART channels, transceivers K-Line, RS485, RS232
  • 1  J1850 PWM channel
  • 1 J1850 VPW channel
  • 1 IIC channel
  • 1 SPI channel
  • PC Interface Mini USB (switchable to serial for firmware updates)
  • Network Connector 44-pin HDB connector for power, networks and I/O signals
  • Dimensions Single slot PXI card
  • Application compatibility Windows XP and later (32 or 64 bit OS)
  • Control Library nwCtrl.dll – MS Studio 6, LabWindows, LabView (32 or 64 bit OS) nwCtrlCOM.dll – MS Studio 8, MS Studio 10 (32 or 64 bit OS)

Tool Features:

  • CAN: up to ten (10) independent CAN channels
    • Selection of transceivers per channel: High-Speed Dual-Wire / Fault-Tolerance / Single-Wire(GMLAN)
    • Standard 11-bit and extended 29-bit header
    • Supports multi-frame CAN (ISO-15765)
    • Supports J2534 with SET32.DLL library
    • J1939, J1979, and more
  •  UART: up to ten (10) independent channels: UART protocols – LIN 2.1(1.3), KWP2000, KWP1281, ISO9141-1, ISO9141-2, J1708, J1587, SAEJ1922, etc.
  • Selection of transceivers per channel: LIN (K-Line), RS485, RS232, AOS.
  • J1850: two independent channels VPW (Class2) and PWM (SCP)
  • IIC: one channel up to 400 Kbits/sec, Master or Slave configuration
  • SPI: one channel up to 10 Mbits/sec, Master or Slave configuration
  • I/O Outputs are open drain, pull-up maximum to 50V, load maximum 350mA.
  • I/O Input signals range 0-15V, 10 bits resolution.
  • Emulation script language for real-time networks and signals simulation, worst case resolution less than 1ms for all operations including data logging, network simulations and I/O signal measurement and generation.
  • Events triggering by network messages, timers or/and I/O signal transitions
  • Stand-alone operations including in-vehicle gateway, end-of-line test, on bench rest of vehicle simulator, data logging, etc.
  • Internal circular buffer memory capacity – up to 32,000 messages. Flexible dynamic filtering for data logging.
  • Unlimited logging and analysis with variety of graphical network signals representation is available. Traffic replay and more.
  • Warranty and technical support (free software/firmware upgrades) for one full year from the purchase date
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