DT8837 - 4-Channel Ethernet (LXI) Instrument with IEPE Sensor Supply

DT8837 - 4-Channel Ethernet (LXI) Instrument with IEPE Sensor Supply
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Main features
  • 4 simultaneous, 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D channels for high resolution measurements, or use as 4 IEPE inputs for direct sensor connection
  • Sample rate up to 52.734 kHz, programmable
  • Input range of ±10V or ±1V, software selectable per channel
  • ISO-Channel™ provides ±500V galvanic isolation channel-to-channel for all I/O signals and grounds
  • One 24-bit D/A converter, ±10V, up to 52.734 kHz continuous waveform output
  • Readback channel to allow correlation of output stimulus with sampled input data
  • 4 digital outputs can switch up to ±30V @ 400 mA
  • Stack up to 16 modules for parallel operation of 64 channels (IEPE or voltage) via the Trigger Bus
  • Synchronization reference clock, ADC sync and trigger input/output via LXI Trigger Bus for synchronizing up to 16 instrument modules
  • Collection of free drivers and utilities, including a trial version of QuickDAQ Advanced FFT Analysis Option
  • IVI-COM instrument driver for .NET, NI LabVIEW, VEE, MATLAB, LabWindows/CVI development
  • metal case, mains power supply EP361 included

The DT8837 is a highly accurate multifunction module that is ideal for sound and vibration measurements. All the I/O channels are completely isolated from each other and from the computer, allowing noise-free data to be sampled in tough industrial environments. Four 24-bit IEPE (ICP®) sensor inputs, a 24-bit D/A stimulus output, a 31-bit tachometer channel are synchronized to provide data streams that are matched in time for field or laboratory use.

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